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​Understand puberty and be wise parents

Adolescence is the most crucial and brilliant period in life and with the significant physical and psychological changes. Criminal psychologists call it "the most dangerous age."

Adolescent children are prone to various problems, such as school weariness, social barriers, puppy love, Internet addiction, poor resistance to setbacks, etc. These have become problems in the minds of many parents. Especially the epidemic in the past three years has brought more severe challenges to young people's physical and mental health.


On the afternoon of December 18th, at the seminar, the founder of the center, Mrs. Annie, first shared with you "How to help teenagers grow up happily from the five dimensions of happiness studies."

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According to teenagers' physical and mental characteristics, Ms. Annie introduced some methods to help children improve their sense of well-being, such as finding life goals and cultivating habits such as healthy lifestyles. These methods are highly operable.

Mr. Lu Yue feng has been engaged in educational research in China, Japan, and North America for nearly 40 years. When it comes to what is an outstanding talent, according to the latest definition of future talents by the international organization OECD, an excellent talent must be a world citizen with leadership in the 21st century.

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Mr. Liu Yuan zong, a senior IT information security expert at RBC Royal Bank, suggested that when children learn to play games and use electronic products, they should set rules for them and learn time management.

When talking about his son's upbringing during adolescence, he said that he must give the child room for independent development and that when it came time to apply for a university major, his son made the decision himself. Today, my son is developing very smoothly in his favorite career direction.

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Zhou Xin, a professional with 15 years of experience in mental health care and counseling in Canada, talked about her experience raising three children. She and her husband have no special requirements for children in terms of learning but focus on children's satisfaction with life, letting the child reach a state of balance.


Talking about puppy love among teenagers, Zhou Xin gave everyone an unexpected answer. She said that her son had experienced many positive changes after falling in love, such as being tidy and better at communicating with his parents. 

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Liu Yi, a parent-child expert, said it is necessary to look at the psychological problems of adolescent children objectively and to heal them only after accepting them. If a child seeks help from their parents, he must listen patiently instead of judging. When parents can't solve it, they should actively seek professional help.

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Geraldine, a commercial space designer, shared how she broke through the behavior pattern of the family. She and her daughter did not do things that she did not do when she was a child.

Now she is actively practicing with her daughter, such as learning piano, watching movies, and discussing interesting topics with her daughter.

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During the discussion and interaction session, the parents present actively shared their educational experiences. Anna, the mother of two children, comes from Zhejiang. 

Li Juan, a new immigrant from Beijing, said that educating children is painful, but it is more about growing up with children. After learning to maintain a sense of boundaries with the children, the mentality will be much more peaceful.

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 The event was an hour longer than planned, but the parents refused to leave. They all said it is significant to hold such a seminar with a clear theme when the students are taking final exams.

We can gain a deeper understanding of adolescent children through face-to-face exchanges with experts, scholars, and parents.

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2023 is coming, and we wish all children, accompanied and guided by their parents, to grow up safely, healthily, and happily to become outstanding leaders with leadership in the 21st century in the future.

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