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Tea Party of Happiness

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, there are more than 1 billion people with anxiety and depression in the world, and the number is constantly refreshing.

​In the post-epidemic era, they face many uncertain factors. How to put our anxiety away and how to live a more accessible and easy life is a topic that we care it.

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On the afternoon of October 13, 2022, the center planned a "happiness appointment" tea party. The theme is "How to Embrace the Anxiety of an Uncertain Future in the Era of the Epidemic."

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At the tea party, the founder of the center, Mrs. Annie, discussed with you the "Countermeasures against Anxiety from the Five Dimensions of Happiness."

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Mrs. Annie recommended simple and practical methods, such as exercise, meditation, learning, finding meaning in daily life, etc., which are highly operable, persistent, effective, and enlighten everyone.

Zhou Xin, a professional with five years of experience in psychological counseling and development for college students in China and 15 years of experience in mental health care and counseling in Canada, shared with you "Confusion and Anxiety of Immigrants' Social Positioning."

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Although the friends immigrated at different times, they all felt confused because of their positioning. Zhou Xin used real cases to give everyone a solution. Her most classic sentence is, "learn to talk to yourself."

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Mrs. Liu Yi shared her research results in recent years, "Applying Whole-person Education Philosophy to Child Raising," which helped parents reduce the anxiety of raising children and resonated with many parents at the scene.

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Susan, a representative of female entrepreneurs born in the 1980s and a financial and business teacher, suggested to young friends that in the post-epidemic era if you want to reduce anxiety and confusion, the best way is to study.

She said that taking the time to learn more skills and create more opportunities for yourself is the most excellent certainty in an era of uncertainty.

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All the friends present during the discussion and Q&A session expressed their opinions. When discussing their current anxiety and confusion, the teachers gave reasonable suggestions for your reference.

Mr. Peng Liang jian, chairman of Chinese Headlines Toronto News Agency, combined with his 30 years of immigration experience, his advice to new immigrant friends is that accepting yourself and living in the present is an excellent way to deal with anxiety.

Ms. Ellen, who has 17 years of experience as a head nurse, shared the various situations in the world she saw in the hospital. She thanked the epidemic for allowing her to reflect, learn and grow, and she felt happiness and meaning in investment, sports, and friendship.

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Commercial space designer Geraldine shared the process of self-awareness awakening. She now plays the piano, draws, exercises, and invests every day, feeling the beauty of life and witnessing her transformation.

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Every friend comes with questions and confusion, and they may be unable to find the answers immediately. They have no troubles in the release process, only the fragrance of tea, friendship, and warmth.

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When the event ended, a bright rainbow appeared outside the window. It indicated that no matter what difficulties we experienced, what awaited us was a bright and bright tomorrow.

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 A series of activities related to the theme of happiness will also be held. The purpose is to embrace the future and make us happier together actively. 

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