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Midsummer August Meet with You Youth Dating Activities

On August 6, 2022, the youth dating event hosted by the "It's Okay to Get Up Youth Dating Group" and co-organized by the Canadian Happiness Research Center kicked off in Toronto's famous Cliff Park.

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Toronto Cliff Park is located on the shore of Lake Ontario in the Scarborough District of Toronto. Blue lake water and the sky meet on one side, and a 65-meter-high cliff on the other.

Here you can go boating on the lake and have a picnic party, so it is often the first choice for weekend vacations.

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It's been a hot summer in Toronto, but it still can't stop the party's enthusiasm.

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At the event site, nearly 50 young friends brought their own homemade or favorite delicacies, and everyone tasted and shared them in a relaxed atmosphere, conveying joy and joy.

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After lunch, the young friends gathered in a circle, and Mr. Richard from the Canadian Happiness Research Center hosted an ice-breaking activity of "Quick acquaintance in one minute."

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Everyone introduced themselves, including their name, age, place of origin, occupation, hobbies, etc. The young friends' self-introductions were very humorous, which aroused bursts of laughter.

Although it was a one-minute introduction, everyone quickly got closer and became familiar with each other.

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Then everyone participated in various exciting games according to their hobbies, including live tug-of-war, volleyball, board games, rope skipping, and students performing three-section cudgels.

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In the process of partners participating and collaborating, everyone forgot the tension and troubles in everyday work and was completely immersed in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The atmosphere at the event was very enthusiastic, with screams and laughter constantly.

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After the game, the young friends walked along the cliff park walking route, chatting while walking.

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In the pleasant scenery of lakes and mountains, you can feel the beauty of nature while exchanging your feelings about working and living in a foreign country with new friends.

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According to the introduction of the initiator, a senior real estate agent from Imperial Real Estate, in the beginning, he didn’t think about holding such a big event. Still, he was entrusted by the client to help the client’s children introduce a partner, so this group came into existence.

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Unexpectedly, many children who graduated from studying abroad in Toronto also needed to make friends, so they started to hold activities, gradually developing to the current scale as more and more people joined.

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Ms. Hong Li, the co-organizer, also said that many children who study abroad are excellent, but because they are too devoted to work, some delay their marriage and love problems. Love is a university question that is related to the happiness of a person's life. Helping organize activities also creates more opportunities and conditions for children and parents to expand their network.

With the support and cooperation of several young volunteers, the organizer of the event, Teacher Liu Yang, has planned and held monthly online or offline activities for one year and eight months. In this group, several friends have found the other half they like, and I am happy for them.

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Anne said that she is willing to provide free guidance and help for young friends to establish a correct view of marriage and happiness, and effectively help young friends solve problems in making friends and enhance everyone's sense of happiness and belonging.

The event ended successfully in a relaxed and lively atmosphere. The young friends who participated in the event said that they had gained a lot of happiness and moved in this event.

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