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AG Communications

AG Communications is an international marketing and media company headquartered in Toronto, providing comprehensive media services including event planning, photography, video production and more. Our experienced and skilled team is committed to providing high-quality, creative, and professional services to help clients achieve their marketing goals and brand promotion. Whether you need to organize an event, shoot a film or produce a promotional video, we can provide the most suitable solution for you. Contact us now and let us work together to create brilliance!



Anne Gong

Director of the Canadian Center for Happiness Research and the Canadian Community Emotional Health Association. Globally certified Happiness Research Institute lecturer, leading mindfulness meditation teacher, 20-year quality education communicator and practitioner.

She worked as a CCTV reporter and later studied for a master's degree at the Communication University of China. After graduation, she entered the media again, worked in the media for 15 years, and then started her own business. In recent years, she has been engaged in public welfare undertakings and published original works on major platforms. The content covers happiness, family education, personal growth, and mindfulness meditation. It has influenced and helped more than 2 million people in the whole network and consulted and helped more than 1,000 people.

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